Friday, March 18, 2011

My Shy Princess

My daughter is shy. She is quiet. And at times, she is an introvert. She does not like yelling, and she cowers when an adult she is not around a lot gets in her face. She does, however, have a heart of gold. She loves kids both big and small! She gets so excited around kids she even squeals. I think it's so cute! I love those little quirks about her. That's what makes her unique.

I say all that to tell you my little Laney shocked the socks off of me and made me cry the happiest of tears while we were in Disney World. We arrived Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's. That did not go over as well as I'd hoped. She kept one eye wandering around the room making sure one of those "characters" was not going to wind up within reaching distance. She even hollered at one point. So I was a little concerned Saturday when we had planned to have Breakfast with the Princesses at Epcot.

Delaney doesn't like cartoons. She likes shows with real people mixed in with muppet type characters. She doesn't really even know the princesses, so I was sure it was going to be a disaster in the making. We walked in and had our picture taken with Belle, and that went over okay. After that, we were seated for breakfast, we ate and while we were eating, the most amazing thing happened! The princesses called all of the little girls over to join them in a "parade" around the restaurant. My angel, my shy little girl, got down out of her daddy's arms and ran after Ariel. I wish I'd have taken a video. She was unsure, her head was about 2 feet in front her body, as if her head was saying, "Do it, it's okay!" and her body was saying, "Don't get that far away from Mommy!". I let her go by herself. I even let her get to where I could barely see her, and she was mesmerized by Ariel and following her along. I cried the biggest tears of joy. It was, the cutest thing I have ever seen my princess do! She was the smallest one in the parade, probably the shyest, but she marched around and waved. I love my princess!

I keep thinking about the trip, and that is the first memory that comes to my mind. It's funny how she went to Ariel. My personal favorite princess is Cinderella. Delaney's Aunt Mae's favorite was always Ariel when she was Laney's age. It makes sense that Delaney loves Ariel after seeing how much she loved the beach and the pool! She is a water baby! She's been carrying around her Ariel doll since we got home. I am proud of my little princess!


  1. Soooooo sweet! What a wonderful memory you will ALWAYS treasure!!

  2. Of course she loves Ariel. It's the red hair!